Facts about energy drinks

We can drain at some point and it is totally okay. Working a 9 to 5 job and then getting home to take care of your other stuff, spending time with your family and friends and making sure that they are provided for and then feeding your pets, prepping for the morning and when you see the clock has remaining some hours of left of sleep, all this is not less than a nightmare. At times like this, we all need a kick start and for that, we have the access to hundreds of energy drink brands in UAE. There are tons of rumors about energy drinks that can stop you from drinking them but lets’ talk about facts so, go here.

  1. We all know that red bull is a famous energy drink brand but very less people know that it was started in 1976 and was created in Thailand and it was basically made for truck drivers.
  2. Here is a shocker for everyone. Radithor was an energy drink, very popular in the 1920s but it was a kind of energy drink that has actual radium in it which slowly and gradually ended the lives of people. We have no one to tell that did it actually energized people or not. But it is for sure that no public health crisis were raised because it could only be afforded by rich people.
  3. This is will be an offensive fact and surprising as well because in 2012, there was a launching of an energy drink named as Pussy and it was banned sometime after it was launched and their slogan was the drink is pure, it is your mind that is the problem.
  4. The most popular energy drinks in the 90s was called Surge and the best thing is that you can still buy it in Norway but now its name is Urge.
  5. We all know the energy drink brand Monster, but you will be shocked to know that from 2004 to 2012, five people have passed away and the reason was Monster.
  6. Monster drink is basically called supplement drink because some studies proved that it has more caffeine in a single can that is allowed.
  7. Taurine is an ingredient used in cat food that is also used in energy drinks.