Smoking is cool but it is harmful. For some smoking is relief from different things and for some smoking is just a thing and they do in order to show they are a part of a gang or a squad. One way of the other smoking is harmful, now there are different types of smoking. You must be wondering that what is the new kind of smoking. We are sure that you must have heard about vapes. They are like a square or a box with a spout on it when you suck it like a cigarette and inhale or just smoke it. The benefit of vapes is that it is small and it comes in different kinds of flavor which are very much refreshing and there are different types of vapes that even emit fancy lights it looks pretty awesome. Just like most things around us that have different kinds of facts, vapes have their facts of their own and they are one of a kind, keep reading to know more about vapes pods for sale and salt nic vapes:

  1. The first fact will shock you that vaping is less harmless than a cigarette but it is still harmful. Afterall smoking is harmful in one way of the other but when it comes to vaping, it is still somewhat advantageous. Because it has more than 7000 chemicals in it, the juice that burns to make smoke has these chemicals and they are very harmful. If you are still wondering how vaping is less harmful, it is only less harmful when it is used very less like once in a day for only 30 minutes or less.
  2. The fact is that people who want to quit smoking, they start vaping and it is proven to be working for them. This is because making a vape is difficult, you have to open the cap, pour in the right amount of liquid and clean it before you can smoke it, so it is a kind of fatigue to do so many things. And eventually people say to heck with it and they eventually leave it, which is a good thing.
  3. There are more than 1000 kinds of flavors of vape. And there are even flavors which costs more than 1 grand and you can even make your own signature flavor and sell it in your price.