A lot of people are quite confused that whether they should spend their valuable money on hiring an immigration consultant or not. But the fact is that, hiring a professional and experienced immigration consultant is the only key through which you could go through this entire tedious process with great ease. This is so, because a consultant is well equipped with all the knowledge about immigration steps and strategies. He will guide you in the best way about the dos and don’ts so that the chances of your approval are enhanced. He is also well aware about the rules and regulations of the land for which you are applying your immigration which is quite essential.

So in short it is advised to not take this decision as a choice and make sure that you are finding a good immigration consultant as soon as possible. If you are thinking to apply for Canada immigration from Dubai then you should explore about the best immigration consultants in Dubai. But before hiring anyone make sure that you have checked following things in him.


Well, the first important thing to look for in an immigration consultant is the qualification. This is the non-negotiable feature which you cannot ignore because appropriate education is very important to become a good immigration consultant. This is the first thing through which you could trust your consultant for your case. This is so, because being an immigration consultant is a very sensitive position so a responsible person with appropriate qualification is needed to handle it wisely.

Language skills

We all know that a good consultant must possess great communication power, right? This is the only way through which a consultant could do his job in the best way. But on the same side you have to check the language skills as well and make sure that your consultant is multilingual or bi-lingual at least. This will help him in developing good communication bridge between two parties having different languages.

Attitude and authenticity

For suppose you found an immigration consultant with great educational qualification along with command on multiple languages, then what? Well, then you have to evaluate his attitude that either he is cooperative and humble or not. If not then you must go for another option as an understanding and cooperative person is required for this job. On the same side, also verify the authenticity and reliability of the consultant as you are going to share a lot of important details with him.