Things to know about armored vehicles

During the past few decades, the car industry has been changed incredibly. Today, you can find cars in any shape and size with advanced technology that can fulfill your requirements. When the first car was invented, it opened new ways and make it convenient for people to reach anywhere in a short time. In recent days armored vehicles are getting more popular due to certain insecurities on the road. Over the past 20 years, armored cars have saved thousands of lives of people and protect them from threats. These cars are suitable for politicians, actors, and businessman as it gives them peace of mind. That’s why armored vehicles becoming more common for people.

Here are some essential facts about armored cars that you should know before buying.

  • There are at least 100000 armored cars around the world that are used by people.
  • The average cost of an armored vehicle start from 120000$ to 3million $ which is much expensive.
  • You can take the armored car to the moon within six months at 95km/h.
  • There are 85% of cars that are produced within a couple of decades still running on the road.
  • The ratio of an accident of armored cars is much lower than other vehicles, which is the great thing about armored vehicles.
  • People who get attacked in armored cars were on the glass.
  • One of the most popular armored cars in the world is the Mercedes Benz.
  • There are at least 300 vendors that are producing armored vehicles under the international armoring corporation, including particular components like electronic speakers, wiring, and suspension parts.
  • The majority of armored vehicle buyers are politicians, business owners, lawyers, government officials, and artists.
  • When somebody attacks you, it takes 6 seconds to kill you. However, an armored vehicle gives you enough time to understand the situation and protect you from threats.
  • The majority cannot afford the expenses of armored vehicles. Therefore, it is produced in less quantity.
  • The majority of people have never experienced the driving of bulletproof vehicles.
  • At least 300 people were saved in Kuwait throughout the Arab war.
  • There are plenty of brands that produce armored vehicles.
  • There are only two electric vehicles that are armored which are Tesla Model S and Chevy Volt.
  • One of the biggest reasons for armored vehicles’ popularity is kidnapping and terrorist attacks.

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