Answers that you need as a painting beginner

Painting for beginners comes with a lot of different questions too because when you start a new thing then you will be very excited about it and you want to know everything about that. Some people will get so enthusiastic in this process that they will search for new information about that day and night but sometimes it will be a tiring process and people will get frustrated after some time if they are only searching for new things and do not apply that information practically. You can have the admission in art Dubai classes as there are many for different age groups and for different styles of painting so you can take admission in the area which you like the most. Before you start painting you have to see the answers of following questions:

What are the suitable paints?

This is the most common question because people will get overwhelmed by knowing about the types of paints which are available for them to use when they are going to start painting. The main thing is that you have to first know about different paints and then decide which one is suitable for you which you can handle easily on the canvas. You can start working with water colors or acrylic colors as they are beginner friendly and provide better support to new artists and you can use them in a variety of different ways.

Is preparing canvas necessary?

You need to know that it is a good thing that you apply another layer of primer to your canvas but most of the canvases that you buy from the market will come with the primed surface and you can simply start painting on that without any problem. But sometimes people need to get extra protective when they are using some new techniques then they can prepare the surface again with primer.

Is sketching necessary?

When people are starting painting different things and landscapes then they have to sketch that first on the canvas with the help of pencil so it can be rubbed away afterwards but you have to use very light pencil so it will  not be visible from beneath the paint especially when you are using water colors on the canvas. This is for beginners but professionals can paint canvas beautifully without any pencil sketching prior to paint.