Facebook doesn’t needs any kind of introduction but they say that even the smallest knowledge turns out to be life saving for you or at least best for you. Facebook is a social media platform which was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and its headquarters is in California. Simply said, you can do almost everything on this platform. You can make an account, add friends, make groups, play games, do business, find jobs, and more and more things are developing on Facebook. There are some amazing facts about Facebook that make it outstanding and better than the rest. These facts also add to the reasons why businesses opt for Facebook marketing in UAE;

  1. There are many people on Facebook and the most amazing part is that each second 20,000 people get online which means that at least 11 million are online in every second. That is a huge number and each year the number exceeds a lot.
  2. There are people who access Facebook via their laptop, pc and tablet but the cell phone is the biggest medium. Each second at least 498,183 users get online from their cell phones and some don’t even logout from day one which means 79 percent of the Facebook users are getting online via their cell phones which also means that there are 745 million users around the world the get online through their cell phones.
  3. The number of people are increasing on Facebook every minute, but did you ever reckon that how many people will be making new accounts! No, you didn’t and we thought so and that is why we did the home work for you and for your info, there are at least 8000 people making new accounts every second.
  4. Messaging on Facebook is fun, there is voice calling, video calling, sending messages via voice, sending pictures and videos and emojis and much more. You can even make a chat group and add a couple of your friends and again, did you ever thought that how many people send messages in a second! The fact will blow your mind because each second, 150,000 people send message via Facebook’s messenger.
  5. There are so many posts on your timeline and almost every post is different, the content might be same but most of them are from different source which made us think that how many posts are there in a minute and according to our calculation, there are at least 49,444,000 posts per minute.

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